Monday, June 27, 2011

Sharon Gannon for Animal Rights and Environmentalism

Sharon Gannon, founder of Jivamukti Yoga

What is your job?
To contribute in some small way to the happiness and liberation of others.

What social causes are most important to you?
Animal rights, environmentalism and music

What charities do you support – and how?
I give money to lots of amazing people who are doing hands on work to relive the suffering of animals—one being at a time. I also give money to many amazing people who are working to educate other human beings about the intelligence and sensitivity of other animals, trees, forests, bodies of water and other eco-systems. I also like to support individual musicians who are doing wonderful musical things in the world.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Öykü Tekten: Sanctuary for Families and Mor Çatı Foundation

Name: Öykü Tekten

What is your job? I am a writer currently working with a literary agent, James Fitzgerald, in NY.

What charities do you support – and how? I have been volunteering for Sanctuary for Families, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence, and sex trafficking and their families. I am teaching an ESL class and also working for the Communication and Special Projects department two days a week. I also volunteered for the Mor Çatı Foundation and Women’s Shelter, a Turkish organization of gay, lesbian, transvestite, and transsexual people in Turkey by writing articles in order to gain public attention about the issues that women in Turkey deal with on a daily basis.