Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dallas Rocky Mortensen: Our Willingness to Act

Name: Dallas Rocky Mortensen

What is your job? Founder/Designer of Wooden Coat NY

What social causes are most important to you? Developmentally challenged children in our communities and our willingness to act.

What charities do you support – and how?Special Olympics and Autism SpeaksI volunteered for the better part of 4 years at the local elementary school two hours daily to teaching and coordinating events for autistic children in our community. I was mainly working with the k-4 class of autistic children preparing daily activities and lessons for the extended hours program. Secondly, I support the National Kidney Foundation and their research for the cure of IGA Nephropathy. I have been two time transplant recipient because of IGA as well as a participant in the National Kidney Foundation kidney walk.

Why do you have a passion for these, is there a personal tie?  
First and foremost, I support the
Like so many of us, I for so long was consumed in the trials I face daily with work, health, and this pursuit of my own happiness that would I tend to forget my responsibility to the community. It wasn’t until the few years I spent with the Autistic children in my sleepy town in Colorado that I was made aware of the help these children and the community was in dire need of. I remember well the joy and satisfaction I found teaching art classes to these young minds, and seeing the delight and sheer satisfaction that would come over them at the sight of their creation; an evident change in their disposition, and their ability to concentrate even for a moment. I remember my first Special Olympics with them and their utter excitement in this new adventure they were embarking on. These years I spent involved in the children’s lives were amongst the most gratifying in my life. They took me outside of my own problems and allowed me to see a larger part of the big picture. This charity is important to me because like all of us, these brilliant children need all the love they can get. They know no bias, spite, or prejudice, and want nothing more then a friend.

Is there a particular way you would want to encourage readers to be involved? 
Above all, I believe it’s the lives in our communities we can do the most to help. I fully support donating to charities whether it is in monetary value or time, but often times it is our neighbors that need our immediate help that go unnoticed. We are here to help our fellow man; to better our world and our interaction with those in it. Small or large, every contribution counts.

How would you define social responsibility? 
Social responsibility is our responsibility to the human race, our accountability to each other, and our demeanor towards helping others. It’s our willingness to work together, and our attention those in need. We have a responsibility to our fellow man and its well-being. This is the human experience.

Do you have any tattoos that relate to your social work?   
Lower stomach:  Carl Sandberg quote saying “Nusquam Venio Nisi Primoris Nos Somnium.” (Nothing happens unless first we dream.) I got this tattooed over the scars of my kidney transplants.

Left side: 3 Magnolias representing my three springs. Born, a second chance after my first kidney transplant, and my 3 chances at life with my second transplant. All three times happening in the winter. I was always hopeful to see the magnolias in spring.

Left Shoulder: Burnt tree with a single flower and ravens circling: My life as I use to see it. Constant darkness following but with hope always with me.

Left Pec: “You paint my everyday beautiful.” Something someone very close to my heart once said in dark time in my life that resonated in me.

Right arm sleeve: Fallen raven on Ambrosia flowers with rays of sun, 6 birds for my travels, and a dove for hope.

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  1. I support his advocacy for supporting charities. I hope that many people will do the same. It is good to know that there are certain organizations that organize events and programs to raise funds for a cause. symptoms of autism