Sunday, December 9, 2012

Inner City Tattoo says 'Screw You Sandy'

Name:  Kimberly Benevento

What is your job? Shop Girl/Apprentice/Owner at Inner City Tattoo in Elizabeth, NJ

What social causes are most important to you?
Currently our shop has been focusing our efforts on raising money for Hurricane Sandy Relief. 

For the entire month of November we have set aside 20% of all proceeds from the shop to be donated.  We also had a “Screw You Sandy!” event on December 1st, where donated ALL proceeds from that day to charities focusing on Sandy Relief.

Why do you have a passion for this one in particular, is there a personal tie?
Inner City Tattoo is located in Elizabeth, NJ; but many of our artists, including myself, are Staten Island residents.   Both New Jersey and Staten Island were hit so hard by Hurricane Sandy; we felt it only made sense to concentrate our donations into both areas.

Save our Shores is an awesome fundraiser where monies collected are being used to buy gift cards to local Staten Island businesses, making the donation reach two-fold.  The cards will be given to Staten Island residents that need them, and by purchasing local gift cards the effort will bring customers into businesses that suffered greatly from Sandy’s wrath.    
Hold Steadfast was an event organized by Mickey Dee Calligy of Tattoo Garage in Bloomfield, NJ.  During this event a group of tattoo artists and shops from all over the country tattooed to raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy in an effort to try and rebuild what was lost.  Mickey decided all the money donated for this event will be given to the American Red Cross. Since Sandy’s path was so widespread, to him, a national organization made sense.  Already planning a fundraising effort of our own, Inner City Tattoo decided to get involved.  We promoted and planned for weeks and had a great turn out the day of the event; tattoo guys doing what they do best; tattooing!

Is there a particular way you would want to encourage readers to be involved?
Every bit of help counts!  Many people are donating time, supplies, and money and it’s been amazing to watch all my neighbors come together in this great time of need.   Inner City Tattoo felt that by giving people the chance to contribute to the relief efforts through the simple act of getting a tattoo, a tattoo they may have gotten despite our donation efforts, we have broadened the scope of those people who are will and  able to donate.

How would you define social responsibility?
If you can, help.  I’ve always gotten great pleasure by helping those that I could, whenever possible… thankfully my husband shares the same sentiment, otherwise I’d be hiding a lot of homeless animals (and even people sometimes!!) from him. We enjoy giving; whatever we can, whenever we can.  Though it may not always be much… giving is our favorite past time!   Many people don’t realize what little effort it takes to help others and how an insignificant hour or item in your life could literally change someone else’s.   Social responsibility is being aware of, and genuinely caring about those around you.  If everyone did that… we’d all be ok.

Special thanks to:
Inner City Tattoo is a family affair, owned by Kimberly and  Tony Benevento and their cousin John Farag.
Participating Artists: 
John Farag
Jay Gates of Inner City Tattoo
Rich Fie, co-owner of R&D Tattoo, Myrtle Ave, Queens NYC (GUEST SPOT)
Dean "DP" of Inner City Tattoo
Just Al of Inner City Tattoo


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