Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dedee Pfeiffer for The Giving Closet

Name: Dedee Pfeiffer

What is your job?  Mother of two boys, student & former actor/producer in Hollywood for over 30 years

What social causes are most important to you? A plethora of causes are so near & dear to my heart. They range from animal cruelty, AIDS Awareness, cancer research, feeding the homeless, to name a few.

What charities do you support and how? My newest passion is bringing awareness to The Giving Closet.
My good friend and wardrobe stylist Sam Russell created a traveling mission to provide "PR Swag" to women in need. I help him in finding celebrity support and currently connected him to a production company to help turn this into a reality show. It's so refreshing to see reality shows like Secret Millionaire and Extreme Home Make-over that actually help real people.

Why do you have a passion for this one in particular? Is there a personal tie?   In all my days of red carpet events and gifting suites Sam brilliantly connected the dots in the realization that women in need can truly benefit from all this free stuff that is already set-aside for celebrities, singers and the media.  Hearing the stories of these women that he is finding through non-profits and social workers is reason enough to want to be on board.

How can readers be involved? Anyone can donate gently worn clothes to The Giving Closet and/or any non-profit that directly gives back to the public. We over consume in the United States. We have more than enough in our homes and closets. If you can give, you should.

How would you define social responsibility?  We need so very little to be happy. I raise my young boys to have just enough and do not always let them get what they want. Balancing out the social scales by merely giving back is at the core of what Sam  is doing; he is a modern-day Robin Hood. I coined that phrase for him! Don't forget that, as the world will soon here more of him.

My tattoos were done by Kirk Alley.

Lastly, I would like to add that I was the first playmate to be featured on the cover and pages of Playboy with tattoos. I am the "Wild Pfeiffer."

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