Sunday, April 21, 2013

luella's Chef Ben DeVries: Feeding and Educating Children

NAME: Chef Ben DeVries

WHAT IS YOUR JOB? Chef/Owner of luella restaurant (San Francisco, CA)

Feeding and educating children, I was the recipient of a lot of good work other people were doing when I was growing up and know first hand what a little help when your young can do.

WHAT CHARITIES DO YOU SUPPORT – AND HOW?With luella we try to support a different orginization every month with our dine for a cause- a monthly dinner we hold at the restaurant when a portion of the proceeds go to the charity. We try to work with diverse groups that focus there energies toward children. Some of the groups we have worked with are Adokids, City Youth Now, Salesians Boys and Girls Club, and Sherman Elementary. We also participate in events such as Tastes of the Nation and other similar events the strive to end hunger for children. On a personnel level I volunteer to cook lunch at some local schools that allow me the opportunity to talk with the kids about food and the affects on not only our bodies and minds, but also on our environment and society as a whole. I also serve on the board for the holley foundation which focuses on working with youth programs in Detroit. The foundation was founded by my great grandfather to help kids "up against it".

WHY DO YOU HAVE A PASSION FOR THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR, IS THERE A PERSONAL TIE?  When I was young, we were financially challenged (POOR!) This often times manifesst itself as a lack of food. There were a number of organizations that helped feed us and occupy our time, keeping us from getting into more trouble then we already did.

In the kitchen there's a culture of giving back- teaching young cooks what an old cook taught you- it's the same in life!

IS THERE A PARTICULAR WAY YOU WOULD WANT TO ENCOURAGE READERS TO BE INVOLVED? In any way they can!!! if you don't have money to give, give time! if
you don't have time, help give awareness!

HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY? The obligation we all have to our fellow human beings, or in other words- karma deposits! helping people when they need help, because it makes the world a better place

DO YOU HAVE ANY TATTOOS THAT RELATE TO YOUR WORK? None directly, but most of my tattoo's are food related, and i see my
role as using food to help others, whether by participating in fund
raisers or feeding people!

QUICK LIST OF TATTOOS AND ARTISTS: Some might say i have about 90 tattoos, i think i have 5! The top of my
right sleeve is a Buddhist prayer wheel, the bottom half is a cooks
prayer wheel.

My ankle is a series of different symbols from many different
religions,the top of my foot is a peace love and happiness drawn by my daughter.

My calf is about the elements- water air, earth and fire. there's aJ apanese block print and a band of DiVinci's.

My knee is surrounded with herbs- thyme, basil, chervil and terragon

Running from just below the knee to the top of the hip is a jamon
iberico and on the thigh is a pin-up with a toque and apron carving into

I've been incredible blessed to work with 2 very incredible artists over
the last 8 years- Renee Silvestri has drawn about 80% the tattoo's and
Greg Rojas (Seventh Son) has done the rest of the art, and ALL of the

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