Monday, May 6, 2013

Lizard Lick Towing's Ronnie Shirley for Hero Rewards

Name: Ronnie Shirley

What is your job?
I hold several job titles. Repossession agent/owner is at the forefront of most of my resumes. I am also an ordained minister and full time evangelist, as well as a published author. I am also a full time reality tv personality, but the most important job that I perform is that of a caring and concerned father and loyal husband.

What social causes are most important to you?

There are so many social causes and issues that are common in modern day America and the world society as a whole, it’s hard to place one far above another. From hate crimes to inequality, racism to abortion, social disorganization and illiteracy. The plethora of issues seems almost insurmountable at times. However every one of us should except social responsibility and help change the issues that dictate the perception of people’s lives. I choose to focus my main attention on alcoholism and addictions, but not just drug addictions, mental, physical and emotional addictions as well. This is why I focus so much time toward working with the youth in society and working with the Hero Rewards program, because that allows me to focus my time on the matters that make a difference.

What charities do you support- and how?
We support a variety of charities and social outreach and organizations. The charity we devote the most time and effort and energy into, is Hero Rewards. Once a year we spend a week on-site at the camp with the participants of the Hero Rewards programs. We also actively try to raise money and awareness for this great charity. They are featured on our website and we are constantly using our presence with social media to bring the program into the national spot light.

Why do you have a passion for this one in particular, is there a personal tie?
I had a great family structure growing up, a loving mom a hard working father and caring brother and sister. I have no excuses for the decisions I made other than they were poor in judgement and weak in taste. However, I would not change one thing I have ever done, what I did yesterday is what made me become the man I am today. I chose to live many years in despair, with drug addictions, had a child but was never a father, had a wife but was never a husband and had parents but was never really a son. I lived in a world that I ruled with an iron fist and used fear, size and intimidation to navigate the canals of success. I was fortunate enough to find a mentor to show me there was another way and there was hope. That any man that puts is hand to the plow and looks back is not worthy of the kingdom. So now I spend my time trying to tell others who suffer with the same downfall, addictions and bad decisions that I have overcome. Until my generation, my family lineage was all soldiers that fought in wars. Due to the lifestyle I chose I was not permitted to join the military. We lost a lot of loved ones over the years fighting for this country. Only two people have ever given their life for our freedoms, and that is Jesus Christ and the American soldier. The charities I support and the social issues I attempt to tackle have great strands of connection to my heart, my family, my passions and my moral existence.

Is there a particular way you would want to encourage readers to be involved?
Perception always determines attitude. Every morning we sit and talk about how beautiful the sun is when it rises. The fact is the sun has never risen, the earth revolves giving us a daily illusion of the sun rising. Thus our perception will ultimately determine, not only the outcome in any situation, but will also determine our efforts, determination and effectiveness toward a specific cause or situation. We should change how we view these issues, and rather that giving glory to the problem, bring glory to the solution and those who help find the solution. Stop looking and saying to yourself, see how big this problem is, rather look at the problem as say look how big my dedication, determination and perseverance is. If you can’t solve any of the social problems abundant in society today, make sure to live your life in such a way that you do not add to them. By doing so you are making yourself part of the solution, and remember the snail reached the ark through perseverance. So change your perception and be determined to persevere.

How would you define social responsibility?
Social responsibility is what every person business and organization in America is entrusted with to maintain a balance between our living and our being alive. It is what allows our society to not only survive but thrive, while inter-mixing the economy and the ecosystem. Also Social responsibility can be accomplished by being passive just as much as it can by being active. It’s a matter of balancing life’s sustenance with the sustenance of life itself.

Do you have any tattoos that relate to your social work?
Yes, all of my tattoos are very personalized to me. Each one of them tells a chapter of my life. Many times the chapters culminate to display the entire story. I have 31 separate tattoos that are the master piece of my life’s existence, yet it is unfinished and has a few more chapters to yet be added. The colors in my tattoos alternate to represent the struggle between right and wrong, light and darkness, and good and evil. The portraits on my body show my belief in the right to life, while the military insignias show my belief and the right to take life for the correct cause. The broken chains represent the addictions I have overcome. The fire represents the trail and tribulation. The heart made of stone represents the repair of my existence. The one thing I have learned are tattoos are just scars with much better stories.  John Savage of Savage Ad Heads in Raleigh one of the greatest freehand tatto artists in the world.  All the ink he has masterfully put on me has been free hand.


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