Monday, October 14, 2013

Mana2 from Move2Change: Don't Forget Your Roots

Name: Manuel Weigel aka Mana2

What is your job? Assistant Director of Move 2 Change 

What social causes are most important to you? Cultural Preservation of Indigenous People, Cultural Hip-Hop not pop rap, Social and Environmental awareness, Working with at risk youth to over come the negative to the positive through creative elements of expression

What charities do you support – and how? Ceres Project, Native American Rights Fund, Indigenous Environmental Network, Redwood Empire Food bank.
I have done either fund raising, donated time and or money for these causes.

Is there a personal tie to your passion? Cultural preservation and working with youth are intertwined. Being connected to my culture of the ancestors has brought knowledge of self and has given me strength when I have been at a low point in life. My ancestors insured that me and my son would be here today through all they went through; rape, pillage, genocide, manifest destiny etc. Yet I stand here today with my son and our family. As a youth Hip Hop opened so many doors it brought me away from the gang life that was very prevalent during the 90’s. Working with youth allows me to hopefully spark interest and inspire cultivate and open doors for youth who may not have any other resource to do so. 

Is there a particular way you would want to encourage readers to be involved?
Get involved in your local communities, there are so many youth that need resources and mentors to help guide and assist. It really does take the village to raise a individual and if each person donated a little time or finances to help we can make a change in this world greater then any establishment. For we are taking on the responsibility and not depending on government or large corporations to facilitate and dictate our needs and resources. Ask the local schools, homeless shelters, centers for abused children and women. 

How would you define social responsibility? Being active and taking it upon yourself to create the change you feel is missing from today's society. We all have the power to make a difference/the change -- it's just so many want to put it on someone else's shoulder. No its up to you to make the change . When you take the responsibility for self and open yourself up and step to the side of your own notions and to listen to another interpretation our perspective can widen giving a more accurate view. We are all one circle -- it's time to step out of the preconceived box and join in the circle of life ...It's not monetary.

Do you have any tattoos that relate to your social work? 
Many of my tattoos are a reflection of my indigenous roots. Ranging from the Pacific Islands to the deserts of the South West. Preserving what has been a part of our people for millenniums and proud to share and show the world where my family is from. It creates good mana. 

Who did your work?
Keanu (Funk Letters by Refa1) tattooed by Andre Gachet
Philippines to Hawaii ( designed by Emagn 1) tattooed by Andre Gachet
WarParty B-Boy (designed by Emagn 1) tattooed by Andre Gachet
Achokka’ dos hit, unu ha’ i korason-ta (script) tattooed by Andre Gachet ThunderBird with kokopelli and eagle feathers- Joker from Indianapolis
Eagle Dancer with native tribal wind and water- tattooed by John San Miguel Prayer feathers with bear paw and eagle-tattooed by John San Miguel
In Memory of Julian script- tattooed by John San Miguel
Guam Seal and Tribal- tattooed by John San Miguel
Philippine Sun Black- tattooed by John San Miguel
DJ- tattooed by John San Miguel
B-Boys- tattooed by John San Miguel
B-boy Character of myself (designed by Bone) tattooed by John San Miguel
Trail of Tears with family members who have passed-tattooed by John San Miguel Welsh Lion- tattooed by John San Miguel
Sub-4 letters and hip-hop element silhouette -tattooed by John San Miguel Philippine islands -tattooed by John San Miguel
Dragon with yin/yang and Hibiscus- tattooed by John San Miguel
Island scene with hibiscus - tattooed by John San Miguel
Visayan , Pinoy- script- tattooed by John San Miguel
Tribal Scorpion-tattooed by John San Miguel
Alibata ( Ancient Filipino writing) tattooed by John San Miguel
B-Boy (script) tattooed by John San Miguel

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