Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jason Jani

Name: Jason Jani
What is your job? I am a Marquee Open Format DJ and the Founder of the SCE Event Group and Snapshot Photobooths.  In 2000, I founded the SCE Event Group that caters to couples, event planners, celebrities, brands and corporations in search of the entertainment industries finest pairing of talent and technology.
With over 15 years of nightlife and private event industry experience, I am a multi-faceted artist, event producer, remixer and marquee open format DJ.   I am on the go constantly! I travel the New York tri-state area and all over the world to help people celebrate life at social, nightlife and private events.
What social causes are most important to you? There are so many social causes that are important to help however; I tend to gravitate to causes that help benefit kids in some way.  I am a father of two healthy, beautiful kids, so anything to do with the life of a child really hits home for me and I want to do all I can to help those particular organizations.

What charities do you support – and how? Annually, my team at the SCE Event Group and I get involved with the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF) and their event, “Let Your Hair Down.”  We donate various levels of SCE’s production services to help ensure a successful and profitable night for the foundation.  Additionally, when requested, we also help out with ProjectLadybug, and a number of other local smaller charities and causes.

Why do you have a passion for this one in particular, is there a personal tie? There is a personal tie for me with the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. After meeting the cousin of a close friend and member of our team that is living with Alopecia Areata I felt compelled to use our talent and event production abilities to assist this organization to maximize their reach and impact.  In just a few years we have collectively raised important awareness to the cause and have had some incredible events that have helped raise money to fund important treatment options.   September is Alopecia Areata Awareness Month!  
Is there a particular way you would want to encourage readers to be involved? For most people everyday life is super crazy in itself.  We need to take a deep breath, and look around.  There are hundreds of charitable organizations that rely heavily on financial donations.  If you can’t contribute financially, maybe help by giving up some of your own time and resources to provide assistance in some way.  I just think do whatever you can. For me personally, I am grateful for so much in my life, so for me to be able to help the National Alopecia Areata Foundation in a way I know best... with my business, that is easy for me to do, and it has been incredibly rewarding to me.
How would you define social responsibility? Social responsibility is doing the right thing by helping someone when you can.  My responsibility as a father is to set a good example for my kids every day.  I want them to understand that not everyone has it easy.  It is important to be kind to everyone you meet because you don’t know what they are going through.  If you see someone struggling, lend a hand and don’t look away.  It is just the little things in life that everyone has the chance to do every day.


  1. Jason Jani RAWKS. Smart, talented with a heart.

  2. Great seeing a guy who *gets it*! Keep up the great work - on all fronts : )