Monday, November 24, 2014

Brett “Puck” Patterson Helping the Homeless in San Diego

Name: Brett “Puck” Patterson         

What is your job? I work as a project assistant in the Admissions Department at San Diego Miramar College. I own my own photography and web development company. I play music with The Whiskey Circle.

What social causes are most important to you? I am very passionate about education reform and homelessness issues.

What charity do you support – and how? The main charity that I support is Father Joe’s Villages (FJV). FJV is California’s largest homeless residential services provider offering housing, meals, counseling and childcare to San Diego’s homeless population.

I have helped plan fundraising events, written blog posts, drafted donation emails, taken photos at events, scheduled guided tours and coordinated media coverage.

Why do you have a passion for this one in particular, is there a personal tie? San Diego has the 3rd largest population of homeless in America and the largest population of homeless veterans in the US. As a San Diegan I feel it’s my duty to help my neighbors in need.

Is there a particular way you would want to encourage readers to be involved? You can always donate to FJV or to a homeless shelter in your area, but the best way to help a homeless person out is to not treat them like weird, dirty street trash or an inconvenience to your daily life. Instead, just treat them like a normal person and offer them something they can use (clean socks, some food, a warm blanket, an open ear and a smile), don’t just hand them cash and don’t just ignore them. Even a smile and wave is better than staring the opposite direction as you walk by.

How would you define social responsibility? Society is responsible for taking care of itself; people should show respect and care for each other and the planet.

Do you have any tattoos that relate to your work? I have a banner that runs across my chest with birds and flowers that reads “Mark 12:30”. The verse says, “Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, strength and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the world benefits when we treat others with love and respect.

Your other tattoos? I have too many to list quickly, but my favorite one is my right arm sleeve. It’s a vulture flying in front of the moon with a snake in his talons.

Also, Chapter One Tattoo in Ocean Beach is the only place to get tattooed in San Diego.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Little Tribe Children's Foundation

Name:  Joey Damico

Your job? I own and manage several small businesses.  Green Room Enterprises, a green energy consulting sole proprietorship, Saturn Man's Vapor Planet, a personal vaporizer boutique, and Little Tribe Children's Foundation,  a 501c3 non profit that raises money for art and music therapy programs for severely handicapped and terminally ill children.

What charities are most important to you, and why? The aforementioned Little Tribe Children's Foundation primarily, but I also am a surfer and am active in keeping beaches clean, so I love Surf Rider.

How can people get involved? I would love people to visit our website and spend sometime really seeing what art and music therapy programs provide children in need, and the profound effect it has on the healing process.  Also, Saturday, November 22nd, we are holding a day-long benefit event in Sebastopol, CA -- you can learn more here.

How do you define social responsibility? Social responsibility to me is simply awareness and consciousness for things outside of one's self.  Being selfless, being of service.

About your tattoos? My tattoos pertain to mythical dragons, and a Phoenix for rebirth, as well as my children, and love of the ocean.  They were all chosen carefully and mostly designed by Cristian Nolan of Budda Palm in Sebastopol , Ca., who has an amazing ability for taking your verbal vision and feelings and creating art with his hands from that vision.